Choosing a Hydroseeding Contractor

You may think choosing a hydroseeding contractor is easy. Call around and see who has the best price. Unfortunately this is a common mistake that consumers make when choosing a contractor. You really need to do a little homework when choosing a company to hydroseed your lawn.

We will offer a few basic tips to help you choose a contractor.

Would you ever ask a cement company what they use to make their cement? Probably not, you really want to know what the product and delivery fees are. With hydroseed it is different because there are many different products used in the mix. It is very easy to cut corners and not use the right products or the appropriate amount of materials for the job. The basic ingredients are water, hydromulch, grass seed, fertilizer and Tackifier which is the glue that holds everything together. How will you know there is enough ingredients in the slurry to produce a quality lawn? Will there be a crabgrass preventive or lime to help neutralize the soil? These are questions that need to be asked when you are shopping for Hydroseed.

Hydro Seed is typically priced by the square foot. This price includes cost of materials, payroll, equipment, insurance, license fees, delivery fees, installation fees, overhead cost and any other costs of doing business. There is usually a minimum charge that will normally cover the cost of the first load. This price will vary for each contractor.

Here are some questions to ask a contractor.

·What are the fees?

·What type of grass seed and other materials are used?

·Do they offer a guarantee?

·Do they provide information on how to take care of your new lawn?

·Are they affiliated with any professional associations related to Hydroseeding?

A good contractor should be able to choose the right seed for the area to be planted. Obviously you do not want a full sun seed mix in an area with dense shade. Most professional contractors will offer some kind of guarantee as long as you follow their directions on how to properly take care of your new lawn. There are associations that help contractors keep up to date with the latest equipment, products and techniques.

Rates will vary depending on operating costs, amounts and types of materials used and proximity to water for refills.

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One thought on “Choosing a Hydroseeding Contractor

  1. I like that you said I should ask a hydroseeding contractor if they offer a guarantee for their service and provide tips on maintaining our new lawn. My husband plans to hire one soon since our vacation house’s lawn has become too dry and is suffering from erosion damage. I’ll share this advice with him later when he gets home from work. Thanks for this!

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