Cool wet start delays Hydroseeding

As May is upon us you would think that we were busy all of April installing new lawns. Well the fact is we were only able to install 3 using topsoil. Our projected goal was to have 8 renovations completed. Due to the 21 out of 28 days of rain in April it was beginning to get very difficult to find topsoil that was not mud. It not only is very heavy, it is very difficult to spread and get all the lumps out. At the source is very difficult to screen when wet causing a shortage and to eventually sell out by the end of April.

We always stay busy servicing other customers hydroseeding needs. Even less calls from homeowners and landscapers. It is a trickle down effect, if we can’t get dry topsoil, nobody can. This lead to a decrease in phone calls for any hydroseeding. We hope May will bring warmer drier weather so we can complete some renovations by June 15th. If it goes beyond this date customers are strongly advised to wait until after August15th when the nights get cooler. This is the most ideal time to seed.

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