Too much grass seed and your lawn may struggle.

More is not always better and this is especially true when it comes to planting grass seed. I will talk more about the impacts later but first I want to explain how our hydroseed application is calibrated.


The First thing anyone would notice about hydro seed is the attractive green appearance. It not only looks nice but it is really a visual aid to the applicator. Once the hydroseed hits the ground it starts forming an even layer of (green) wood fiber, grass seed, fertilizer, tacking agent to bond the mixture to the soil. Always Green also offers many other additives including weed control that is now included in every application, growth stimulants, lime, moisture retainers, insect and disease controls. Every product we add to the hydro seed slurry is carefully measured in accordance with the label. The applicator must have the correct training and licensing and carry additional insurance to apply these products. At this time the only person applying the hydro seed is the owner who founded Always Green Hydroseeding back in 2004. I can assure you with over 15 years of experience I know what the finished product should look like on your soil.

So lets talk more about the grass seed. This is obviously the most important ingredient in the hydro seed slurry. Without the grass seed there will be no lawn. This is the one thing I put a lot of time and research into. Every winter I work closely with my seed supplier choosing some of the best varieties of grass that gets the highest ratings on the NTEP trials. You can Learn More about the varieties of our grass seed. We use the latest lateral spread technology that fills in and repairs bare spots and thickens up a thin lawn. It is crucial we use the correct amount of grass seed so the lawn can fill in properly. Too much grass seed causes undue competition for resources such as light, water and nutrients, and grass seedlings struggle and may even dampen off as a result.

Each type of grass seed variety we use (Turf Type Tall Fescue, Perennial Rye and Kentucky Bluegrass) germinate about a week apart. So your lawn will start off thin then gradually get thicker as all the seeds germinate usually within 3-4 weeks. Temperature and proper watering also are key factors. We sometimes get calls within the first 30 days with concerns about thin and bare spots. Unless you had an obvious wash out from an excessive amount of water from run off it is likely you have seed that has not germinated yet. If you can still see the wood fiber that is now likely a tan color there should still be plenty of seed mixed in. If you once had grass sprouting and now looks like dirt again that may be a fungus that melted out the lawn which may appear the same.

Unless you know for sure you did not have a wash out or get a disease it is not advisable to add any new seed until the following season. This will give seed a chance to still germinate that may be behind from not enough irrigation. Areas in full sun will need more water than shaded areas. Keeping your seeds moist in the full sun is the key to success. If you let your seeds dry out during the day while exposed to the sun will certainly add days even weeks on to the germination cycle.

We want to assure you we use the correct amount of grass seed applied evenly and consistently to give you turf quality results. Nobody is going to get a re spray under our 30 day guarantee unless it is proven by our seed reps that the seed was unviable. Since we have 10,000 pounds of grass seed blended exclusively for our company at one time it would quickly become evident that we have a big problem. We encourage our customers to be home to see that the hydro seed was applied evenly. We will even provide you with our certified seed label from the bag of seed upon request.

At this time we are not retailing our exclusive grass seed but if you need to do any repairs or over seeding look for Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra. This is also a high quality seed that will match best with similar varieties.

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