Lawn turning yellow

I wanted to post these pictures for awareness. Please share if you think it will help someone else.

We received an email from a client that we hydroseeded 6 weeks ago with concerns of much of the lawn being light green and sparse. Our client stated they wished the entire lawn looked like the dark green thick patch in the picture.

When we hydroseed a lawn we always leave a care guide with our customers. We tell everyone if they follow our guide they will have an outstanding lawn. I have tried to compile almost 20 years of experience on 2 pages for what I know works best. But for some reason 1 particular paragraph(*) often gets overlooked resulting in this concern.

(*)FERTILIZING: In 3-4 weeks your lawn will need to be fertilized using a high nitrogen or “Turf Builder”
fertilizer. This must be applied by the end of the 4th week to maintain a dark green appearance and promote a thick lush lawn. We used a high phosphorus “starter fertilizer” when we hydro seeded. Phosphorus stimulates healthy root development in the early stages. It is not necessary or beneficial to use a starter fertilizer again. If your lawn looks thin, not ready to mow and turning yellow this is a good indicator that
your lawn needs nitrogen. We recommend using a premium grade slow release fertilizer with nitrogen being the highest number on the bag.

In these pictures the dark green spot was most likely a 🐕 who wanted to put some urea on the lawn. I explained to my client if the lawn was fertilized 2 weeks ago the entire lawn would look like that dark green spot. I have to say they did a great job with the watering showing nice uniformity.

If you use a lawn care company you need to notify them the day we hydroseed that your lawn will require a turf building or high nitrogen fertilizer in 3-4 weeks. This will give them time to work you into their schedule.

There is no harm done here, once the lawn gets fertilized and watered in it will quickly start to look like the dark green patch.

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