Fall is not the best time to seed a lawn in Rhode Island.

So you are probably wondering when is the best time. The absolute best time to plant any kind of turf grass seed in Rhode Island is in late summer between August 15th and October 1st. This time frame only includes about a week into Autumn. Late Summer is the best time to plant a lawn, here’s why.

Every year we see valuable time wasted in the prime growing season due to the misconception that you have all fall to plant. The reality is once the soil temperature drops below 50 degrees germination will come to an end. This may occur any time after the middle of October. Then you will also be dealing with leaves covering your new grass plants which can also be a challenge.

Always Green does not recommend seeding from the middle of June to the middle of August. Seed at your own risk in the Summer, here’s why. Although it is possible and we will seed your lawn during this time it may be more costly for the proper treatments for success.

With newer advancements in weed control Spring should not be overlooked as a good time to plant as well. Always Green does more hydroseeding in Spring than any other time. How we control weeds in the spring is the key to our success to establish a lush weed free lawn before summer.

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