Summer Hydro Seeding Conditions

A prolonged period of wet weather through Spring and early Summer has made conditions favorable for HydroSeeding.  Although moisture is very benificial for a new lawn too much wetness can lead to fungus in many lawns. A newly seeded lawn is seceptable to “Pythium Blight” or Damping off of seed. Poor air circulation, excessive nitrogen, poor drainage and excessive wetness along with hot humid temperatures are all favorable conditions for the disease. It is important not to over water and allow the new turf to dry before night time. We advise our customers to water early in the day and finish by mid afternoon. This will help minimize the chance of the disease occuring. It is also important not to over fertilize the new grass in the heat of the summer. Always read the labels and look for a coated or slow release fertilizer. Fertilize at the lower rate according to the label if conditions are favorable for disease. Remember not to use any type of weed controls untill the new lawn has been mowed 4 times. A healthy crop of weeds is normal during late spring and the summer months. Once you start mowing the weeds will eventually be overtaken by your new lawn. Remember it is important not to cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade at one time. This may require a weekly mowing or maybe more. It is always recommended to raise the mowing height in the summer for a healthier lawn. For more information on lawn care and diseases visit:

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