End of the season hydro seeding care tips.

As the temperature begins to drop hydro seed germination will slow down and eventually stop. Grass seed requires a minimum soil temperature range of 45 – 55 degrees for germination to occur. Once the temperature drops below this range germination will stop and the seed will remain dormant throughout the winter until next spring when the ground warms again. We use  Greencast’s Soil Temperature Map to track these temps.

Once the temperatures are too cold there is no need to continue watering the seed that has or has not yet germinated. The freezing temps will have little to no effect on the grass seed and new grass. Any seed that did not germinate in the fall will  germinate in the Spring when the soil temps reach the ideal range again. Continue to care for your new lawn in the Spring where you left off in the fall. We recommend an early Spring fertilization with a balanced fertilizer.

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