The 3 most important steps to take to have a beautiful lawn.

When we Hydro Seed your lawn we leave you with a care guide and verbal instructions on how to successfully grow in your new lawn. Occasionally we do get call backs with potential problems that need to be corrected. In most of these cases the care guide was either lost or not followed.

For the past 13 years we have never had to re-seed a lawn due to product failure or workmanship which our guarantee covers. In every instance it was a step that was not done at all or done correctly. Once we have been notified of a potential problem the issue is usually resolved by reminding the customer of what the care guide instructed.

Here are the 3 most common missed steps that will result in a call back.

#1: Keep your seeds moist. If your seed dries out you are adding days even weeks on to the germination cycle. Some areas will dry out quicker than others depending on sun exposure. If you can still see seed and mulch these areas need to be watered more frequently. This may require you to water them by hand with a nozzle on the hose more often. It will take a full 3-4 weeks until all the seeds in the mix germinate.

#2: Your lawn will require a turf building fertilizer or a high nitrogen fertilizer within 4 weeks after we hydroseeded. We use a high phosphorus fertilizer in our mix which mostly goes to root development. Once you have roots, now you want top growth and color. If this step is missed your lawn will look thin and spotty, little growth and poor color. If you are not sure what to use or how to apply it we highly recommend hiring a licensed lawn care professional to take care of your new lawn.

#3: Mowing your lawn with a sharp blade as soon as the first blades of new grass reach 3 inches. Even though all of the grass has not reached 3″ it is still important to start mowing to promote new growth and lateral spread to fill in any “spotty” and thin areas. Your lawn will need to be mowed at least 3 times before it will look lush and full.

See illustrations below of a lawn that was not fertilized vs a lawn that was fertilized within 4 weeks of hydroseed application.

lack of nitrigen







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