Better than Turf

DSC_6076What if I told you that I could plant a lawn just about anywhere and with minimal care it would look better than sod within a year? It’s true! Sod costs more than hydroseed and may not be as adaptable as our growing process. It all starts with choosing the right seeds. Our grass seed will produce turf that will do very well in most locations. You can expect deeper roots, a darker green appearance, more drought tolerance, shade tolerant, withstand heavy foot traffic, more disease resistant and best of all uses less water and fertilizer.

When we hydroseed we have the ability to use soil enhancers to provide an ideal growing environment for your new lawn. We have the ability to control weeds, improve soil pH, prevent lawn damaging insects, provide bio stimulants for a stronger root mass, disease resistance and many other benefits. Moisture retainers can be used to keep your seeds moist longer for faster germination.

You will have a healthier lawn that has grown in its own environment and not have to worry about if the sod will “take”.

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