Things to know about our Hydroseed.

Once we have hydro seeded your lawn we can assure you our application is even and consistent. All of our hydro seed applications include a tackifier which will bond the seed and mulch to the soil. A minimum of 2″ of the top layer of soil needs to be loose for the bond to be successful. A good way to see if your soil is ready for this application is to stick your index finger into the soil that we will be spraying, you should be able to go up to your second knuckle with ease. If this is not the case it is much more difficult to make an even application. We have to take a different approach and have the hydro seed rain down and fall as evenly as possible. This is not the best way to do it because the seed is only sitting on top and this makes it vulnerable to move around with heavy rains resulting in spotty results. It also makes it very difficult for the roots to penetrate and establish in the compacted soil. If it rains on your soil before we can hydro seed it you will need to rough rake the area again to put texture back in the soil.

A care guide is provided when we install your lawn. This is your Bible, don’t loose it. If you need another one you can find them in the care section on our website. We can not stress enough to divert all gutter downspouts away from seeded areas until all of the seed has germinated and roots are established. Enough tacking agent is used to bond the hydroseed to the soil to withstand moderate rainfall vertically. If substantial amounts of water are coming from other areas horizontally such from gutters, sloped driveways and streets this is called sheet flow. This will most likely erode the hydroseed and soil. It is strongly advised to recognize this potential and take necessary steps to minimize this from happening.

The most common reason why we get call backs is due to the simple fact that the lawn

Pale yellow lawn.

Lawn that is starving for fertilizer.

did not get fertilized within the first month. This will cause the lawn to loose its color from a dark green to a pale yellow. This will also cause your lawn to stop growing and look very thin. When your lawn is planted we use enough starter fertilizer to get your roots developed and some top growth. It is necessary to use a high nitrogen fertilizer within 4 weeks to continue the growth and make your lawn dark green and lush. Any thin areas will continue to fill in once there is enough fertilizer to produce daughter plants and rhizomes.  Be Patient, it takes 14 months to harvest turf grown on a sod farm before it can be sold. Your lawn is no different. Your lawn will look much better the following season. We always recommend hiring a licensed lawn care company to help you establish your new lawn. Ask us for details.

Finally we want you to know that we want your lawn to be a success as much as you do. The end result reflects on us so we hope you follow our care guide and do your part to establish a beautiful lawn. If you ever have any questions we encourage a phone call so any issues can be remedied as quickly as possible.

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