Spring Growing Season Ending June 15th.

Only a couple more weeks left to get your grass planted before the summer stress on lawns sets in. Always Green guarantees our hydroseed planted between April 1st – June 15th for the spring growing season and again from August 15th – October 15th for the fall growing season. In years past we would continue to hydroseed for those customers who choose to do so at their own risk. There are several reasons we discourage trying to establish a lawn during the summer months. One of the biggest reasons is that we plant lawns that are adapted to grow in temperatures ranging between around 60-80 degrees. Any temperature below 60° you will have little or no germination. Temperatures above 80° our native cool season lawns begin to show signs of stress. Weed, disease pressure and drought stress increases making it a challenge to establish a new lawn. You would need a lawn care professional to keep a close eye on your lawn and look for signs of stress. Too much water during times of high humidity can lead to serious fungus problems that can wipe out almost an entire new lawn overnight. This can also become very costly  to treat or prevent fungus. It can also be risky to try and control weeds if is too hot without burning the lawn.

Starting this year we have decided that we will not be hydroseeding between the middle of June to the middle of August going forward. We understand there are situations where seeding will be necessary but we have elected not to include ourselves to continue to provide a service that we believe may lead to failure. We have built our reputation on higher standards, better products and outstanding results. For this reason we will not put our name on a lawn that may lead to failure.

You may find other company’s that will still offer you this service but just be aware that they may not offer any guarantee and use grass seed and other products that may now give you the best lawn. A more costly and labor intensive option is rolling out sod. This requires a lot of water and may not always take to your soil.

Our recommendation is to wait it out if you can to get through the hot stressful summer on our lawns, especially a new lawn that will not be able to recover like an established lawn would. A re-seeding will more than likely be required which will cost you more money and labor to prepare the seedbed once again.

Feel free to Request A Quote on our website for the fall growing season. We will be returning phone calls and emails throughout the summer on a limited basis.

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