Estimating – What you need to know.

We have visited several properties and have written over 2 dozen estimates since the end of February. Over half of those customers have hired us to install a new lawn this spring. The remaining are probably still deciding, getting other estimates or had no idea how much it would cost and decided to wait.

If we are installing a new lawn from start to finish we will visit your property and evaluate the environment your new lawn will be growing in. Some of the things we look at is ease of access, sun exposure, soil conditions, history of lawn including weed and insect problems and maintenance history. We will then measure the area where you want your new lawn. This will give us the Sq. Ft. needed to calculate the cost of materials needed. Then we will be able to provide you with an itemized list of products and labor costs to complete the job.

It is important to keep in mind that when we provide an estimate it is based on our expertise and our knowledge of proven results over the past decade. Always Green has always had high expectations as if we were seeding our own lawn. Our estimate is itemized so you can see exactly what your getting for your money. But this does not mean you need to get everything we recommend. Even with our lowest priced seed mix with no additives you will still have a far better lawn than just traditional dry seeding. We try our best to work with any budget without compromising quality. Products and services are negotiable until we reach an agreement and you have signed our proposal.

Most of our work comes from home owners and landscapers that do their own soil preparation and all we do is show up and make the soil green. In many cases we do not need to come out and see the site beforehand as long as you know what we expect for soil preparation. All we need to know is the area in Square Feet you need hydroseeded and what additives you would like in the slurry. All this information can be found on our website.


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