Research and Developement

People often ask us what we do in the winter months when we’re not planting lawns. Other than odd jobs our main focus is on how we can improve our products and service. Always Green is the only Hydroseeding Professional in Rhode Island that specializes in planting the finest quality lawns that will last for many years. Our website is constantly being updated to deliver the most valuable information that you need to know if your considering hydroseed as an option. You will not find that with any other Hydroseeding contractor in the Ocean State with more information and customer support.

Always Green has taken a method that has been used since the 1950’s to plant grass seed, fertilizer, and hydraulic mulch on the side of highways to the next level. There is a lot more that is involved than just mixing these ingredients in a tank and spraying it onto the soil. Since we are a Licensed Commercial Applicator we have the ability to put more into our slurry than just the obvious. For example we are now able to plant a new lawn and eliminate any weeds that may be already be growing and control new weeds and crabgrass that will compete with your new grass. Whereas a few years ago we only had the ability to prevent crabgrass for a short period of time.

Grass seed is the most important ingredient in the slurry that will be the most visible in the end result. The grass seed we select must perform in almost any condition. This is not your Grandfathers URI#2 that you have come to know. Our research has brought us a selection of seeds that will thrive in almost any environment. With proper care it will look better and be healthier than sod. With little to no care it will survive in most areas. The best feature of our grass seed is the Lateral Spread Technology which means it is always thickening thin areas and filling in bare spots. No other grass seed can come close to all the characteristics of the seed we use.

In the 2016 season we will be introducing a new product which is one of the safest products ever created to control grubs and other lawn damaging insects for the entire season. When this insecticide is added to the hydroseed slurry you can be sure you will not have to worry about your lawn being damaged by most common insects for the entire year. We have also found new ways to increase the longevity of the fertilizer we use in combination of beneficial bacteria in the soil  with the use of growth stimulants. Your new lawn will not require a follow up fertilizer for 6-8 weeks after it has been hydroseeded. This will give your new grass the ability to mature and thrive to full density and be ready to mow before you need to feed. Prior to this advancement your new lawn would have needed a feeding within 3-4 weeks after planting.

Always Green is constantly looking for new and better ways to give our customers the best lawn possible as an alternative to sod for about half the cost. What sets us apart from anyone else is we stay educated with the latest and the greatest in cutting edge technology.



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