Poorly prepared seedbed


The single most important thing you need to do to prepare for hydroseed is have loose soil with texture. The picture shows an uneven application of hydroseed due to no soil texture because of a rainstorm before we were able to seed. It is essential to loosen the soil again after it has rained. If you decide that your loam is too soft and you need to roll it, you must re-rake the soil again to give the surface a soft loose texture. You should be able to take your index finger and stick it in the soil and cover your fingernail with ease. If not the result will be an uneven application of hydroseed that will not be planted evenly but rather splattered on the surface making a big mess of us and the surrounding areas. As a result you will have poor uneven germination with the possibility of the roots not being able to penetrate through the hardpan.

Using a bobcat to spread loam is ok but we often see too much compaction. We use a power rake on the back of a tractor. This leaves a perfect seedbed with no compaction. Be sure to relieve any compaction from heavy equipment. Remember the fingernail rule. If it rains before we are able to hydroseed be sure to rake the soil to loosen before we arrive to spray.

Lastly we prefer dry soil. Water is what carries the seed, mulch, fertilizer & other additives through the hose. It gets absorbed into the soil and will dry quicker to set up the tacking agent. If the soil is already wet it will make more of a mess of the surrounding areas due to splatter. Any over spray will wash off any surface without staining but we don’t like to make a mess. We will apply the hydroseed to the best of our ability based on any soil conditions. We hope the tips we provided here will help you understand what we need to give you the best possible results.

More information on soil preparation can be found here: http://www.alwaysgreenri.com/tips-and-resources/soil-preparation.html

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