Tips on watering your new lawn

Hydro Seed needs to stay moist for the fastest germination. This may require frequent watering cycles throughout the day. Many factors determine how often you need to water. The key is to keep the seed moist especially when the sun is shining and evaporating the moisture. Hydroseed does not require long watering cycles because the seed is at the top inch of soil. Overwatering causing puddles and runoff is unnecessary. If you have areas of grass that look more lush than other areas take a good look. You probably still have many seeds that have not yet germinated due to lack of moisture. Sometimes with irrigation systems and sprinklers you may not be getting even watering. For these situations we recommend watering these particular areas more often with a garden hose with a spray nozzle until all the seeds have germinated.

Once your new lawn is about 2-3″ tall usually in about 3-4 weeks all the seed by now should have germinated but if you still have bare or thin areas and still see seed continue to water until you do not see any more seed. Now you can water once a day every 2-3 days achieving at least 1″ of water a week.

More information on watering can be found on our website:

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