After all that snow melts…

Snow Mold

Use a leaf rake to break up matted grass so sunlight and air can reach new grass shoots

With all the snow that fell this winter don’t be surprised if your lawn has snow mold this Spring. Gray Snow Mold and Pink Snow Mold are caused by fungi that thrive in moist conditions under melting snow that is on your lawn for several months. The Snow Mold patches are covered with gray, pink or white matted grass blades that appear to be stuck together. These patches can be up to several feet wide.
Rake patches as soon as you can in spring with a leaf rake to allow air and sunlight to get to grass plants. Lightly infected grass plants usually recover when the grass is fed and temperatures start to warm. If the patches are dead (showing no small green grass shoots after you rake), you may need to spread grass seed in these spots. For larger areas topdressing and hydro seeding with our crabgrass preventer may be a better choice.

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