Late summer is the best time to plant a lawn, here’s why…

Did you know that late summer is the best time to plant a new lawn or renovate your old one?

It seems that many people think about planting a new lawn in early spring. After a long cold winter most people want to get outside and enjoy their yards. Planting a new lawn is also on many people’s minds. The disadvantage of this idea is the soil is still cold from the winter so germination will be much slower compared to the late summer. Early spring is usually the time to maintain your lawn by feeding and preventing crabgrass and other weeds fNew Lawn in Fallor the upcoming season. When you plant a new lawn in the spring you are not able to use the same weed control on your new lawn for quite a while. Instead you will have to use weed preventers that are safe for grass seed which are more expensive and do not last as long. In late summer (August 15th and on) weed pressure is slowing the nights are starting to get cooler making it less likely to get lawn fungus from the humidity. Warm soil and heavy dew in the morning along with warm days make it the most ideal growing environment. Your grass will not have to struggle to establish properly through the hot humid summer with weed competition and the threat of fungus.

Early planning and timing is key to have a thick green lawn for next spring. For lawn renovations we start soil testing by the first week in august. This is also time to spray Glyphsate (Round Up) on your old lawn to start the renovation process. After your soil has been Hydroseeded it will be ready to be mowed in about 4 weeks. By late fall, with a little care your newly hydroseeded lawn will be thick green and ready for winter.

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