Hydroseeding & Hydromulching…A Brief History

A brief history about Hydroseeding.
Thanks Turfmaker


Hydroseeding was originated back in the late 1940’s. Maurice Mandell revealed that by mixing and suspending seed and water together it could be sprayed along the steep slopes of the Connecticut expressways. While on a project for the West Virginia Turnpike, Charles Finn took that thought and enhanced it by developing and marketing the “Hydroseeder”. His idea consisted of a 1000 gallon tank for the mixing, and towing an engine and a pump with a raised platform attached for conveying the spray. The objective here was one process for applying the spray with two mixing tanks for a consistent water flow.

Various transportation departments across the United States have used the hydroseed and hydromulch methods for reducing erosion control over the years. The Surface Mine Reclamation Act of 1977 was without a doubt the largest use of hydromulching throughout that decade. The 200 foot high inclines of the Appalachian coal…

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