Late Summer News

Don’t miss out on the best time to Hydro Seed your lawn. From August 15th – through the middle of October is the most ideal time of year to plant a new lawn. The warm soil temperatures with the morning dew provide an ideal germination environment for your seeds. Weed and disease pressure is much lower due to the cooler temperatures and less humidity. We guarantee all lawns hydro seeded during this period. We recently added a new seed mix (Tuff Turf) that is very tolerant to drought, wear, heat, disease and insects. It establishes very well in full sun to moderate shade. It is our best seed mix yet!

If you need your property hydro seeded in some cases we can hydro seed the same day you call. In most cases we can be there within 1-2 days weather permitting. Be sure to visit our preparation section to be sure your ground is ready for Hydro Seed.

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