Summer Seeding May Be Risky!

Saturday June 15th. is the last day we will be Hydro Seeding with a guarantee. Any Hydro Seeding that we apply between June 15th – August 15th will hold no guarantee and will be at your own risk. We will continue to seed through the summer but it is not recommended. Ask us about our fungicide additive that we highly recommended to prevent damping off disease. This treatment will prevent seed damping off but a follow up application may be necessary within 2 weeks if favorable conditions exist to control this fungus.

If your lawn does get the disease immediate attention is required. This fungus can easily destroy a lawn within a couple of nights. A fungicide specifically labeled to treat Pythium Blight is necessary. If you are a ” do it your selfer” this fungicide can be found at most turf specialty stores including (John Deere Landscapes, Allen’s Seed Store, Hattoys Nursery, Valley Green).

For immediate assistance or to schedule preventive control treatments before the disease has a chance to start you can call the Turf Guy @ 401-405-1595.

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