Weed & Disease Pressure Building!

As it gets hotter and more humid it is important to keep in mind that it is not the most favorable time to start a new lawn. Crabgrass is now visible anywhere there is bare soil. Other weeds are also thriving in the warmer temperatures but not as much of a concern as crabgrass. If not treated properly crabgrass can take over a new lawn.

Always Green offers a pre-emergant known as Tupersan to prevent crabgrass up to one month while your new lawn fills in. This will give your lawn a chance to establish itself evenly without competition for root space. As this product wears off in a month or so it is highly recommended to re- apply every 30 days until the lawn has been mowed 4 times. Then we recommend to use a normal pre-emergant (step 1) for crabgrass control through the rest of the season. It is important to keep in mind that if crabrass has already germinated there is no way to control it or stop it from growing unless a herbicide is used to kill it. This may not be possible until late Summer and by this time it may have taken over much of your new lawn. Tupersan only prevents crabgrass seed from developing into a plant it does not kill existing Crabgrass.

Another problem we commonly see start to develop after Memorial Day is a disease known as Pythium Blight. It is highly recommended for anyone who has to hydroseed from now until the end of August to add Agri-Fos to help control this disease. Follow up treatments are also recommended every 2 weeks while conditions are favorable for Pythium.

As the temperatures rise and the humidity increases don’t be surprised if Always Green tries to talk you out of Hydroseeding until the middle to end of August. As much as we want your money now we would much rather you have a nicer lawn later and save some money.  It is possible to establish a new lawn through the summer but it will cost you more with fungicides and weed controls and possibly some re-seeding.

Trust no other but Always Green!

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