Protect your investment.

As another season comes to an end and a new one soon beginning (fall), I can’t help not to look back on Spring and Summer. Every year I try to educate my customers with as much information as possible so they will get the best results possible during the period of germination. As I have stated in other posts I supply enough information on paper to my customers on how to care for their new lawn for the first 30 days. After that it is important to educate yourself on what your lawn will need for the establishment period and beyond. I would consider our lawns here in the northeast to be fully established within 18 months. This is when the roots and turf will be at full density. A new lawn planted before August 15th is more susceptible to drought stress, diseases and weeds. It is very important for our customers to understand what products their lawn will need and when to apply them. It is also important to recognize any potential problems with the turf and treat it as soon as possible.

So here is my best advise on how to protect your investment and try to have the best lawn possible. If you are not 100% sure you know exactly how to identify and remedy problems with your lawn I advise you to hire a Licensed Lawn Care Company. Even if you hire them for 1 year it will be worth it. They will be responsible to give your lawn the proper care it needs. If you see something that does not look right between their scheduled visits most will come out at no additional charge and diagnose the problem. Most company’s offer over-seeding as well if it is necessary. You will be hiring someone else to take responsibility of the health of your lawn. You will still have the responsibility of watering properly and mowing regularly and following any special instructions your lawn care provider leaves with you. I feel if you are going to invest money into a new lawn it is most important that it gets the proper care during the establishment period.

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