Spring vs Fall Hydro Seeding

So when is a good time to Hydro Seed? Late Summer and Fall is when we like to Hydro Seed. This is because the soil is very warm for optimal germination. Morning dew helps keep your seed moist. Weed pressure is lower so there will be less weed competition with your new grass. Less chance of a disease due to lower heat and humidity. We usually don’t have to worry about any of our Hydro Seeding jobs between August 15th – October 1st. The lawn will have plenty of time to establish before winter and by Spring it will be ready for regular maintenance.

As for Spring Seeding we are now dealing with different circumstances. Seeding too early will make you disappointed. In Early Spring the soil temperature is still in the 30’s and 40’s. Soil temperature needs to be between 50-55 degrees for grass seed to germinate. We do not typically see these temps until late April – early May, so you will need to be patient. Now the next challenge is weeds! Weed seed is not in your seed mix, it is in your soil. There are millions and millions of weed seeds. When you feed and water your lawn the weeds are going to take advantage of this and may take over. We always tell our customers not to roto-till or disturb the soil too much in the Spring. Tilling will bring seed up to the surface and expose it to the warm temperatures and moisture, it’s like opening a can of worms. We use a very effective herbicide in our Hydro Seed mix that is safe for the seed and will last for about a month. Picture above illustrates a missed application of the herbicide. Crabgrass will be the biggest threat to your new lawn due to it’s aggressiveness. Broad leaf weeds can be ugly but not as much of a threat as crabgrass. Once the lawn has been mowed 3-4 times it will then be safe to treat any threatening weeds. Make sure you always read the label to any chemicals you apply to your lawn. Mowing will also stunt the growth of broad leaf weeds. Always mow high and mow at least once a week during the growing season. Another factor to keep in mind with a Spring seeding is the anticipated temperatures. Seeding too late in Spring is a roll of the dice. Within a week the temperatures may be in the 90’s and this will be very stressful for a new lawn. Keeping your new lawn moist in hot and humid temperatures often lead to a disease known as Pythium Blight.

The bottom line is you can seed in the Spring and problems that arise can be treated for an additional cost. We prefer a late summer early fall seeding because there is less stress on the lawn and a greater success rate without spending extra money for weed and disease treatments or possibly having to re-seed areas of your lawn.

2 thoughts on “Spring vs Fall Hydro Seeding

  1. I had no idea that different seasons had such an effect on hydroseeding. It’s good to know that it’s generally best to wait until the temperature is in the higher 50’s before hydroseeding so that the grass can germinate, as you said. My lawn has a lot of bare patches that I want to fill in, so I may be getting a hydroseeding service sometime this spring.

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