New Lawn Stress

It’s that time of year again, this is the time of year that makes me cringe. I am in the seeding business and as unusual as it sounds I try talking people out of hydroseeding their lawn this time of year.  There is a good reason for this, we live in the east coast where we use cool season grasses for our lawns. As you go down South and out West you will find your warm season grasses. Cool season grasses do not like when temperatures go much higher than 70 degrees and especially do not do well in high humidity. Where as warm season grasses would look their best under these conditions. Trying to establish a lawn this time of year in New England can be a challenge. A new lawn is especially susceptible for failure under the stress of summer. Year after year we see newly hydroseeded lawns failing due to a disease called Pythium Blight or Damping off of seed. This occurs when you are trying to keep your newly seeded lawn moist as advised when we have high heat and humidity. It is extremely important not to over water and only water when there is sunlight to dry the grass blades and seedbed. This means light waterings between 8AM and 3PM. Do not let water pool or run. If you have to seed this time of year we strongly advise a special additive to prevent fungus in your hydroseed application. Unfortunately you will need a follow up treatment every 14-21 days as long as the conditions are favorable for disease. This can get costly so that’s why we advise to wait it out if at all possible. Usually the 3rd week in August right through October is the most ideal time to seed. Weeds are slowing down in growth, low humidity, moderate dew on lawns to help keep seed moist and very warm soil temperatures.  We understand you may have no choice but to seed now and we will do everything we can to try and make it successful.

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