Tips on Watering a Hydroseeded Lawn

As you may know by now the most important responsibility for our customers is watering their newly hydroseeded lawn. We have a few tips that will speed up germination. When we complete a job we leave our customers with a detailed watering guide.  There is no wrong time to water your new seeds until they germinate. In the spring with temps not exceeding 70 degrees we advise to water at least 2 times a day minimum. When the temps are above 70 degrees we advise to water 3 times a day minimum. If you have an irrigation system we advise to set it to as many cycles as possible ( say 4-6 times a day) until germination. Start at 9am for 8 minutes start again at 11am for 8 minutes, again at 1pm, 3pm & 5pm. In this case we have watered 5 times in this day for 8 minutes each time. We assumed 8 minutes was enough time to thoroughly moisten the seed bed. This time may vary based on your water pressure and volume. You do not want puddling and runoff but enough to moisten the seeds. As I stated our guide says 2 or 3 times a day minimum. I can guarantee you the 5 times of watering a day will give you a lawn much quicker than watering 2 or 3 times a day. The key is to keep the seedbed moist. If you only water 2 or 3 times a day you will get a nice full lawn eventually but definitely not as quickly as the person that keeps the hydroseed moist all day.

Here is a TIP. If you only water 2 times a day we would like to see you water at 11am and 3pm. You will have a lawn quicker than the person who waters at 7 am before work and then again at 5pm when they return home from work.  The reason for this is if you water at 7 am the seeds will probably be completely  dry by 11 am. So this means the seed will not get water again until evening. That is 6 hours in the sun with no water! The weeds will like it but your hydroseed won’t. If some portions of your lawn become fuller than others take a hose and water the thinner areas more often, eventually the whole lawn will become uniform.

Once your seeds germinate then we advise to water for longer periods of time less often. This will train the roots to “chase” water by growing deeper making for a healthier lawn. Lets say you water for 35 minutes once your lawn has germinated. The water should seep down to almost a 1/2 inch. Now you don’t water again untill 2 days later. The next day the roots will be looking for water so they will grow deeper to find it. If you water every day the roots will not have to grow deep to find the water. So this means the roots won’t be trained to survive drought making for a weak lawn.

After your lawn is mature you want to water deeply and infrequently to achieve at least 1″ of water a week. We feel the best time to water is starting at sunrise and be finished by mid to late morning. This is important especially during hot humid weather. Fungus thrives in moist dark environments, if you water late at night your lawn will be wet for a longer period of time. Watering early in the morning will let the water seep into the root zone and the blades of grass will dry quickly in the sunlight. Of course you have no control over the rain so enjoy it while it lasts.

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