A better understanding of our Guarantee

In the Hydroseeding business it is almost impossible for any contractor to provide a guarantee. This is because there are so many variables with the outcome of the job. We have drafted a guarantee that we believe is fair for the contractor (Always Green) and the consumer. As stated in our guarantee we use the highest quality materials available and the appropriate amounts. In most cases we exceed the recommended amount of materials so we can be sure you will get 100% germination. Our goal is no call backs! When we complete the job we make sure you have a total understanding of your responsibilities to ensure total success. In most cases you should see a uniform stand of grass within 30 days of the application. Weather can have an effect on this timing, if the soil temperature does not maintain between 55-60 degrees during the germination period this will significantly increase the time of grass development. This is more common in early spring. More importantly if it does not stay moist you will also see a longer germination period and possibly even seed death. Remember we have used the highest quality materials available and applied them uniformly with the best equipment available. After we leave the success of a new lawn is now in your hands. Make sure you read and understand all the directions and watering guides. If there are any questions at all please contact us. We provide a 30 day guarantee from the time of spraying your new lawn. If you see anything that does not look right you need to contact us within the 30 day window. This is crucial so we can advise you to make any corrections or if we need to address any problems. If you call after the 30 day period our guarantee will no longer be valid.

As stated above there can be many variables with a hydroseeding application. Our guarantee states we are not responsible for acts of God, vandalism, diseases or anything else beyond our control, including drought, torrential rains and any other weather related conditions. These are some of the variables that we can not be responsible for. But the good news is if you are effected by any of these unfortunate circumstances we will reseed any affected areas at half price. Most commonly we will receive phone calls after a severe rain storm. We tell our customers that the hydroseed will hold up to a moderate rain storm. As for torrential rains the time is limited until materials may start moving. You may see channels where the water traveled and washed the seed away. Most of the time a driving rain pushes the materials under the soil and it may look like it may have washed away. We encourage our customers to wait and see what germinates before any reseeding is done. In most cases reseeding is not necessary.

Drought is the most common reason your grass seed will not germinate. We can always tell when a seed job fails due to the lack of water. If it is not watered it will not grow and seed may even die. We can not check up on all the lawns we seed to make sure our customers are watering so that is why we only guarantee our work if you have an irrigation system. It is easy for anyone to say they have watered as directed but when it comes down to it when we have followed up on these statements and we would find the hydroseed bone dry in the middle of the day. Seed needs to stay moist, if you water before you leave for work in the morning, on a sunny day the seed will be dry by noon. This means it might not get moisture again until evening and this will slow down or fail germination. We know everyone does not have an irrigation system but what it really comes down to is if you keep your seed moist you will have a uniform healthy stand of turf.

So what do we guarantee? Always Green guarantees that high quality certified ingredients are used for the hydroseeding process. If the lawn does not establish properly within 30 days because of seed viability or poor workmanship, those areas of the lawn that are not growing will be re-seeded at no charge.

Why do we only give a 30 day guarantee? We can grow a lawn anywhere as long as it is watered properly. Everything is in our mix to produce a lush healthy lawn. This will usually be evident in 30 days. After 30 days the lawn will now grow deep roots and establish itself in it’s own environment. This is where we get back to the variables. How are the soil conditions? Will the lawn decline due to insufficient nutrients in the soil or the soil being too acidic? Is there excessive shade where the lawn will thin out over time? Will the customer maintain their new lawn by fertilizing, treating for grubs and insects as necessary? What if the lawn gets a disease during our hot humid summers, will a fungicide be applied before too much damage is done? These are some of the variables.

Don’t let the variables discourage your choice for hydroseeding. Always Green Inc, Hydroseeds over 300 lawns each season and on average less than 5% per season need to be re-seeded for any potential problems.

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